rambling on about … my novel writing journey … day fourteen



Words written today – 1,942

Total words written – 28,024

Words remaining – 21,976

Days remaining – 17


inspiration to write quotes and sayings

Another satisfactory days work today.  One step at a time not trying to look at the bigger picture just being involved in what I am writing as I am writing it.  The story is still in a bit of a jumble, but for the purposes of the competition I am carrying on without any revision, there just isn’t time to sit back and edit what I have already done.  That will come later – hopefully I will be able to make some sense of it all. Keeping focussed is hard and I am missing my blogging friends and because I am not allowing comments I do feel a little alone here, but I am sure you understand – if I get comments I will have to reply then visit blogs, and before I know where I am no writing will have been done – but I do miss you and look forward to the end of the month when I can re-join the blogging universe.


During the month of November, whilst I am joining in with The National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) attempting to write a 50,000 word draft novel, I will be posting about my progress (or not) every day.  I have removed the comment box so as not to have too many distractions, but will switch it back on again at the end of the month, when, hopefully, I will have completed my mission.


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