Sunday, 17 November 2013

rambling on about … my novel writing journey … day seventeen



Words written today – 2,019

Total words written – 35,265

Words remaining – 14,735

Days remaining – 14

Writing Quote by Roald Dahl

I didn’t feel much like writing today.  I have had a busy weekend and worn myself out but if you miss a day it means there is a helluva lot of catching up to do, so I left the warmth of the fire and made my weary way upstairs and forced myself to switch the computer on and have managed another 2,000 words.  This morning I was laying in bed in that half-sleeping, half-waking state and decided  that I wasn’t going to end the novel the way I had planned originally, but I still have another fourteen thousand or so words to go before I reach that point.  If things go as well as they have been I should finish in another week, but I do need some good plot ideas to keep the story from becoming too predictable.  Come on brain – start earning your keep and come up with something original for the next part of the story – not tonight though, I am just too tired to think any more.

Onwards and upwards!

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